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★★★★★    Dear Atsu O 2023-06

Rent at the hotel and return at the hotel was very good
I want to borrow it next time

★★★★★   Lady Ayaka Saito 2023-06

You are always listening to Wagamama even though there is a different rental place and return place.
It is rented with peace of mind by the Japanese staff. I will always rent it when I go to Hawaii.

★★★★★   Dear Mana K 2023-06

I rented a car for the first time in Hawaii.There is no problem in driving and navigation, it was a comfortable trip! It is good to go to the recommended place on the tour, but the rental car that you can go to the place where you want to go is the best trip companion!

I returned it a little earlier, but with a single phone, I came to the place of arrival immediately, and the subsequent schedule went smoothly.

When I go to Hawaii, I would like to borrow it again!

★★★★★   T Aama 2023-06

From the inquiry to the contract, transfer of the airport to the hotel, rent and return of the rental car, all of them were very smooth and very helpful, we will also use it next time.

★★★★★   Dear HIROSHI KOYAMA 2023-06

Even the Japanese can easily borrow it. Thank you.

★★★★★   Hidemi Kihara 2023-06

I used it for the first time this time. It is convenient that you can bring a car to the hotel and return it at the hotel. With the hotel's parking lot soaring, it was good that we were able to rent the Ala Moana parking for free, albeit with some inconvenience.We will use it again when traveling.

★★★★★   JAPAN Quality Like 2023-06

The car is as good as a new car, fully Japanese (100% native), kind, polite, attentive to the itchy reach, I have punctured the tire, A replacement car arrived in about 30 minutes, and I was able to work and sightseeing as planned without a major schedule change. Thank you to Mr. Star Rent-A-Car.

I will definitely repeat because I will go again at work.For multi-day renting, the parking lot is also very cheap and easy to use.

We also used the transfer to Inouye Airport, but it is cheaper and safer than HIS. From the response of the staff, the management philosophy and the reality of the management are completely consistent. It is cheaper than Uber, it is more accurate in time than anywhere, and there is no hand to use if it is easy to use in Japanese.

★★★★★   Yamada Fujio Like 2023-06

I was very kind to tell you about the loan and return car at the hotel. Two bottles of mineral water in the cooler bag and sweets for children were also the best service.

★★★★★   Yudai Nakabayashi Like 2023-06

I used it at work, but thank you for responding in detail with very quick arrangements.

★★★★★   Shono Fujii Like 2023-06

It was very helpful with the response in Japanese, and when I rented a rental car, the cooler contained water and sweets for children, which helped me very much.


When my wife and daughter went to Hawaii for the first time in three years, I asked them for the first time, but I was very satisfied that I was able to return the delivery at the hotel because it was easier than renting at the car rental company so far. The staff was also very friendly and nice.I'm going to ask you again next time. Thank you.

★★★★★   Fumihiko Sato-sama 2023-06

The service was very good, and even when the time was extended, the procedure was carried out smoothly.The car was in close condition to a new car and was very beautiful. With a clarbox and two bottles of water. There was an ice pack inside the clarbox and I took advantage of it.I will come in February next year, so I would like to use it by all means.

★★★★★   Akane Nishigakiuchi 2023-06

From the reservation of the rental car, it was smooth and the return was the best.

First of all, the staff is Japanese.

That there are Japanese cars.

Bring the car to the hotel.

Chargers and umbrellas for iPhone⛱It was non-stress to put it in all, such as borrowing other things such as ️.

I would definitely like to borrow it if there is a time to come next time.

Thank you for your child seat and water service

★★★★★   Lord Tomio Kitamura 2023-06

They delivered the car to the hotel on the day and it was really comfortable that we could leave immediately once we had checked the car for scratches and things like that. We booked a compact car but it was a very clean car.

Speaking of greed, I thought it would be safer if a compact car had a back monitor.

It was a nice service to rent cheap parking around the hotel in Waikiki. Thank you for changing to our desired Waikiki Bunyan on the way.

Waikiki Bunyan was convenient close to the hotel, but in the evening, the area near the entrance is jammed, and it is difficult, especially when trying to enter from the opposite lane of Kuhio Street by turning left.The car park was also crowded, and I felt like I couldn't find a parking space unless I went up to 3-4 floors.

On the other hand, the car park at Royal Luchio was easy to enter and easy to use with a designated parking place.  

However, the star rental car was very helpful and we were very helpful to respond politely from the question before booking.I would like to ask you to continue to rent a car in Oahu.

★★★★★   Lord ken 2023-06

Great service was good. I want to use it when I come to Hawaii again!

★★★★★ Yoshinobu Morita Like 2023-05

First time in Hawaii

I was worried about the first rental car, but I was very friendly.I was using it and did not have any anxiety, and it was very helpful to respond to the fine changes such as exchanges on the way.

I was going to come to Hawaii again, so I thought I would use it at that time.

★★★★★ Yutaka Yokoyama Like 2023-05

It was very helpful to respond very kindly to the request for the reservation the day before.

After all, I thought that the shops that the Japanese are doing were well-paid.

I would like to ask you if you come to Hawaii again.

★★★★★ Keiko Mantani Like 2023-05

I am relieved that you will be able to explain carefully in Japanese from the reservation stage. I received two bottles of cold water and a gift of famous sweets.The well-cleaned car and the transfer to the staying hotel was a time-saving and helpful.

I felt that it was unique to the Japanese staff to be able to make various requests, such as changing the return time, and I would like to ask you when you come to Hawaii.

★★★★★ Yukari Asai Like 2023-05

Thank you for this time.

Cars are beautiful, there are Japanese navigation, and water service♡♡♡

Thank you for the kindest response ☆ I enjoyed the drive with peace of mind.

★★★★★   Tm808 Like 2023-05

Accurate on time!

Cool and cold water juice in the cooler back, the inside of the car was cleaned properly and it was very good.

★★★★★   Yumi Kumagai Like 2023-05

I took care of it. It was the first time I used a car so convenient and comfortable.It is also here after the next time!

I feel very relieved that the Japanese people are running it.

It was difficult to respond to the change of return time.

★★★★★   C Channel Like 2023-05

It was a relief that it was Japanese-friendly.It was convenient that the lending and return were good at the accommodation and the time could be adjusted. The free phone and plastic bottle service were also very helpful. Please do it again!

★★★★★   Chie m Like 2023-05

I used it for the first time. I brought the car to the hotel and was able to use the time effectively.In addition, my husband who entered Hawaii was planning to drive later, but there was an accident that could not be able to enter Hawaii due to the circumstances of the workplace... I was in a hurry to cancel, but I was able to consult by phone It was hard to say.After all, I was able to enter Hawaii as planned and I was able to use the car.The car was clean and it was difficult to return to the hotel on time, so it was good that it could be returned in the parking lot. The system was also easy to understand.I will use it next time.

★★★★★   Tsuki Shira Like 2023-05

I was relieved to respond in Japanese from the procedure. I have prepared water and have a flexible return time. It was very helpful! I would like to ask you again!

★★★★★   Keisuke Takeda Like 2023-05

Everything from booking to loan return was smooth and safe. I would like to use it when going to Hawaii.

★★★★★   Mika. Like 2023-05

I wish you all the best next year.

★★★★★   Kenji sato Like 2023-05

I highly recommend it!

Because I am from Japan, I don't worry if anything happens.

They will respond on time

(3) I do not need an option or can not be attached.

It is convenient to have a cooler bag.

It is very convenient to borrow a mobile phone.

The hybrid car has good fuel economy and is helpful.

Car parking in Ala Moana is also the best, rented for free.

The staff is also a good person, and they respond comfortably.  

Thank you again next time!

★★★★★ Kyoko Kusano (Yamada) Like 2023-05

I thought it was difficult to walk to the rental car office because I have a small child. I asked for a hotel to be able to bring it to the hotel. I also had good insurance, so I was able to drive with peace of mind.

It was basically an email exchange, but I was very grateful to be able to answer questions and so on quickly. I could borrow a stroller and a bed guard, which was really helpful.

I would like to ask you to visit Hawaii again. Thank you!

★★★★★   K Sakukimball sama 2023-05

There is a sense of security through Japanese.There is a pre-registration, so you have to bring the car to the hotel, and then there is no waiting time and good!However, the return at the hotel is punctual, so you need to be careful while worrying about traffic jams.

★★★★★   Momoko 38 2023-04

When I made a reservation from Japan, I brought a car to the hotel in Waikiki where I stayed and came to pick up again. It was very good because it would take a lot of time to rent at Honolulu Airport. In addition, a mobile phone for contact was also rented out, so it was also used for navigation. Thanks to the drive to the north shore. The staff is also Japanese and is safe.If I have the opportunity, I want to use it again. Thank you.

★★★★★   Master Masaaki 2023-05

I used it for the first time this time.
I always use a major car rental with yellow letters on a black background, but this car was washed beautifully, and there was no window glass and no water on the door mirror. He brought the car to the hotel and offered cold mineral water service and USB and Apple CarPlay, which can be charged in the car. He also lent the cable free of charge, and the car was comfortable.
Optional parking was also available in Royal Luchio 24 hours a day, free and a night and a price that was not possible in Waikiki and a relief that was very satisfying.Return is also available to the hotel, and the time can be used effectively. (In the case of parking, it seems that it is possible to return it by placing it in the parking lot.)
The person who was in charge was also good to explain it amiably.
In addition, I would definitely like to use it.
Thank you very much.

★★★★★   Kazuyuki Tsugawa 2023-05

★★★★★   Lady Juri Nichols 2023-05

It was really nice to ask Star Rent-A-Car. The staff in charge of the Japanese was very helpful, and it was very helpful to arrive on time and pick up the return.The service of icebox with ice pack and water is great, and I would like to ask you without hesitation when you come to Hawaii again.
Thank you very much for your care!

★★★★★  Lady Juri Nichols 2023-05

It was really nice to ask Star Rent-A-Car.The staff in charge of the Japanese was very helpful, and it was very helpful to arrive on time and pick up the return.The service of icebox with ice pack and water is great, and I would like to ask you without hesitation when you come to Hawaii again.
Thank you very much for your care!

★★★★★   Master kay kraemer 2023-05

The service provided was excellent! Pick and bring service of the car to the hotel, mobile for navigation and so on. The car was clean and all the exploration provided for free parking as well as how to drive in Hawaii Guide helped a lot. Many thanks for the great experience.

(Translated by Google)
The service provided was great! Car transfer service to the hotel, mobile for navigation and more.The car was clean, and free parking and instructions on how to drive with a Hawaii guide were all helpful.Thank you for the wonderful experience.

★★★★★   Dear TORU YASUDA 2023-05

This is the second time.
Fine consideration goes to Japanese management.
Waikiki has a high parking lot, so it is better to borrow it and return it.

★★★★★   Kazushi Hagiwara 2023-05

We were able to rent a car very comfortably!
I would like to use it again. Thank you.

★★★★★   Noriyuki Onishi (nori) 2023-05

I rented Nissan's Altima, but it was very wide and easy to ride, and I was able to do sightseeing such as trekking and lots of beaches without any problems with 5 family members. I would like to use it when I go again.

★★★★★   Harumi Narita 2023-05

This time, my husband couldn't come, so what to do with the rental car?I was very worried, but on the 30th, my daughter and grandson made a reservation on the zip line near Kahuku, so I had no choice but to go that far by myself, so I booked it for three days from the day before as a training exercise‼It's a hotel that brings you, and even when you return it, the hotel car, it was good.
Our house was Hilton Kalia Tower, so the parking lot in Halekoa in front of the hotel was close and helpful!
Parking fee is also one day20 In addition, on the last day, when the return time was 6 o'clock, the parking fee was halved,
Inside the car, I kept an ice box, and like water and grandchildren, even something like jelly juice‼️
Thank you for your fine care.
Next time, it is now the shop you want to book again❗

★★★★★   Hiroshi Kawaura 2023-05

I was happy to use it for the first time, but it was a very polite response.
I borrowed it from 9 o'clock to 19 o'clock this time.
It is very convenient not to go to the rental car store because it is a stance that the staff will come to the designated place at the designated time to receive and return!
It was a pity that the smartphone (navigation) borrowed for free did not interact with the navigation of the car, but there is no chance to have my wife and eldest son navigate on the smartphone, so it was fun at that lol
Water and sweets service for the whole family was appreciated.
I would like to use it again if there is a chance. Thank you!

★★★★★   Lord Toru Yasuda 2023-04

This is the staff of a travel company in Tokyo. I was looking for a rental car in Hawaii that can respond in Japanese at the customer's request.
The rapid response and the exchange of emails in Japanese were possible to convey subtle niance.
It was a customer who wanted to rent it from the airport this time, but it was not possible to transfer it at the airport. Arrangement of a cheap private shuttle to the hotel in Waikiki started at the hotel and the hotel staff came to pick up the car.
The rental fee is a little higher, but I think it is appropriate to think of a smartphone rental for free navigation with insurance.
I'm thinking of a repeat next month.

★★★★★   Tango Takashi 2023-04

Anyway, the work was fast, and everything that was troublesome and stressful until now was gone.
I will use it 100% next time.

★★★★★   Dear KENSUKE YASUI 2023-04

I rented it in March 22-25.Everything is done from settlement to signature in advance, and on the day it is very convenient because it is delivered in front of the hotel without the hassle of common procedures in the rental car.
I will definitely let you use it on your next trip to Hawaii.It is recommended by all means!

★★★★★   Kenji Funato 2023-04

About 30 times in Hawaii, I rented a car at another car rental company, but the star rental car was very good, with no formalities, easy to rent in about 3 minutes.
We recommend star rental cars to friends as well.

★★★★★   Hiroto Nakayama-sama 2023-04

The other day, only one day, but I used it.
I was very grateful to be able to bring the rental car to the hotel and pick it up again.
In addition, put water in an ice-keeping bag, until children's sweets
I felt that the place where I could prepare it was a unique Japanese service.
In addition, we took care of other details, and it was a very meaningful day.
Thank you very much.

★★★★★   Hiroichi Mori 2023-04

The explanation when renting, delivery at the hotel, and pre-payment were very smooth and the smartphone navigation was also very convenient.
It was very helpful to respond kindly in case of trouble in the area.
I have decided to ask you if you come to Oahu again next time.

★★★★★   Madame Mami 2023-04

Since the ride and return ride are completed at the hotel, it was a very thankful service for us with small children (^ ^) The reservation was also completed on the net, and it was available in Japanese, so I could feel free to ask questions etc. I would like to use it again!

★★★★★   Tadashi Ishihara 2023-04

It was a surprise to ride until the place of stay.
It is normal, not an option.I 'd like you to go to the next time.🤲

★★★★★   Masahiro Hoshiya 2023-04

Get delivered to the hotel and return it at the hotel
Very good system.
It was helpful without a loss of waiting time.
Above all, it was hard to understand Japanese in Japanese management.
I want to use it when I go to Hawaii again.
Thank you very much.

★★★★★   Mom-Mom 2023-04

It is the second use, following last year.It is very useful that you can deliver and return the car at the hotel where you are staying, and you have a free mobile phone that can be used locally.
Also, this time, we were able to rent cheap parking, which was very helpful. Considering using the hotel parking lot, it is definitely cheap.
I also think that the service of cold water with cooler back is also a very good service.
Also, for the first time, we asked for a transfer between airport hotels, but this was also very smooth.
In the future, I want to ask you to do this with Star Rent-A-Car.
It is the most safe to be able to respond all in Japanese.
Thank you for taking care of this time!🙇‍♀️

★★★★★   Moeko Nakata (Moe-chan) 2023-04

The rental car was taken out to the front of the hotel on time, and the explanation was very polite and helpful.
This time it was a trip to Hawaii with 0-year-old twins, but we put water for adults in the car and snacks for babies, thank you!
Thanks to it, I was able to enjoy sightseeing comfortably.
I also want to borrow it when I stay in Hawaii.

★★★★★   Lady Sho Ishiko 2023-04

In addition to the rental car, we also asked for an airport transfer, and we were able to respond comfortably.
The rental car was completed in advance exchange, and it was smooth because it was only picked up on the day. It was also appreciated for children because it was delivered at the hotel.I was impressed with the service by getting extra for children.I wish you all the best next time.

★★★★★   Yuji Uchiyama 2023-04

It was very convenient to get to the hotel and the parking lot was rented.Thank you for responding to the sudden change of schedule.
I will also use it next time

★★★★★   Dear M kyaputen 2023-04

It was easy just to wait at the hotel, and I wonder if the car is clean and clean properly, thank you for flexible handling such as water service and time change, it's Ripi decision.

★★★★★   Tm mama 2023-04

From the consultation before the reservation to the return of the rental car, we were able to take care of your kindness and politely at the end of the day and use the rental car overseas with peace of mind. I would like to ask you again when you come to Hawaii. Thank you♪

★★★★★   Junichi Takahashi 2023-04

We were very polite and safe to use, from anything to anything, such as transfers to and from the airport and delivery of a rental car to the hotel.
In addition, I was glad that I was able to consult other things than the rental car, such as guidance of the PCR inspection site.
I will use it again.

★★★★★   Bamboo Flower Master 2023-04

This time, I rented a star rental car for the first time, but it was very convenient with the service that other car rental companies do not have, because you can pick up the vehicle at the accommodation hotel.According to the request, I was very helpful because I could also lend a baby seat and mobile navigation.
Telephone service is also in Japanese, so I would like to use it after the next time.

★★★★★   Master MasaMike 2023-04

I was able to use it in peace with a very polite response.We appreciate the fun journey.I want you to use it next time.

★★★★★   Ryoji Takeoka 2023-04

We are very happy. The staff and the car were perfect, the flight was canceled, and it was a crisis of cancellation, but we thank you for kindly changing the schedule.I would like to use it again at that time because I visit it during this year.Thank you.

★★★★★   Sao Kojima 2023-04

I think that it is a very nice system to pick it up at the hotel and there is no other return.✨I would be more pleased if I can pick it up at the airport and return it at the hotel.⁉️

★★★★★   Master Cisco Punsalan 2023-04

I have used Star Rent A Car multiple times and have been more than happy with their service, pricing, and availability. I have made it a point to use them anytime I visit and refer them anytime I hear anyone needs a rental. Keep up the good work and see you again soon!

(Translated by Google)
I have used the star car rental many times, but I am satisfied with the service, price and availability.I use them every time I visit and I try to see them whenever I hear that someone needs a rental. Keep up the good work and I'll see you again!

★★★★★   Master Katsuyuki 2023-04

I think it is a rental car that can be very safe for people in Japan.
You can borrow or return just by specifying the time and wait, I was happy to respond that the time to return was a little earlier.
I hope you will go to Hawaii soon.

★★★★☆    Fumika Kagiyama 2023-03

We rented a compact car for two days. The delivery at the hotel, the return was smooth and the explanation was polite.
Be careful because the gasoline had to be returned in a full tank.I think it would have been better to have a little more explanation in that regard because it was a little more complicated in the way we refueled.I also want to use it next time.

★★★★★   Sachiji Yamamoto 2023-03

I used it for the first time in Hawaii for the first time in three years.
All procedures are completed in advance, so the wasted time on the day is reduced, and the service that brings the rental car to the hotel is the best.
It is also helpful that return is OK at the hotel.

The designated parking was very convenient in the parking lot of Halle Coa near the hotel.
I will definitely ask Star Rent-A-Car next time.
Thank you very much this time.
I didn't use the free-to-use smartphone because it was an android, but I think it would be even more convenient if I could choose an iPhone.

★★★★★   Kazuaki Hanzawa 2023-01

It is always very kind and the service is good. The car condition is also good, very user-friendly.Booked for next time, thank you again!

★★★★★   Takao Yamauchi 2023-01

We used the transfer from the airport to the hotel and the car rental and the parking lot.

This time it was a family trip with 6 people, so the private transfer was very convenient, and it was helpful because it was cheaper than anything.

The rental car was brought to the hotel and the parking lot was convenient because it was very close to the hotel where I stayed, and I wanted to use it the next time I came to Hawaii♪

In addition, you can also inform us about the scheduled time by e-mail, etc., so you will not be lost in the time and meeting place.♪ 

I recommend it.♪

★★★★★   Lord Zukki 2023-01

(1) The procedure is completed in advance on the net.It can be rented immediately on the day.All in Japanese
They will bring a rental car to their accommodation.Return is also OK at accommodation. This is no other service
The procedure was completed in 4,5 minutes until the rental on the day.
The response is polite
Even if you don't fill up on gasoline, you can handle it for
I'll borrow it again next time❗️

★★★★★   Saeka K 2023-01

They bring the car to the hotel, so everything is smooth.There was no wasted time and I was able to receive it comfortably. In addition, they put water in a small cooler box and put it on with a mobile charger, and it was a service unique to Japanese people.

★★★★★   Rie Nakamura 2023-01

Above all, pick up at my hotel.
And it was a car model that I did not expect, but the master is a high tension with a car model more than I imagined!
In addition, it is pear to complain with insurance included & Japanese navigation!
And thank you for preparing an ice pack!
I am very satisfied with the service of Japan in Hawaii!
Also one year later, I will definitely order, so thank you!

★★★★★   Saegusa Fujita 2023-01

★★★★★   Maisama 2022-12

In Hawaii during the holiday season, I was looking for a rental car, and I found this and arranged.
With polite response at the beginning, you can be flexible with time changes.
Since it can be rented and returned at the hotel, there is no waiting time at the shop, so you can leave in about 5 minutes.
In addition, since the return can be handled unattended at the affiliated parking, it was smooth without taking time.
The price is reasonable and I want to use it again. Thank you for this time!

★★★★★   By Shigeyuki Sakai 2022-12

Thank you for your quick response.

★★★★★   Dear H Corky 2022-12

Thank you for the car and the service of mineral water.

★★★★★   Minori MC 2022-10

When a friend came from Japan, we rented a car for a day with a transfer between the airport and the hotel. They took the car out to the hotel and the pickup was very easy on the way back.In the morning of the day, I was able to respond flexibly, such as adding a driver in a hurry or changing the time of the pickup, which helped me.

★★★★★ Takafumi Oyama Dear 2022-09