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Special Offers at STAR Rent A Car

Car Delivery to Your Hotel

24H Support with Japanese Style Hospitality

03. The car is clean and the car is clean.

Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Rental Phones

(with Google Navigation) 

06. Cheap Parking

(* Optional fee)

Private Shuttle Service from/to the Airport

(*Optional Fee)

Free Baby/Child Seats

(Up to 2 Seats)

Rent & Return at Your Hotel

I need a car for my vacation in Hawaii! But will there be a long wait…?
No worries! We deliver cars to your hotel at your specified time. We finish all the rental process beforehand so you can start driving once we deliver the cars and finish simple body checks. When returning the cars, you don’t need to go through all the hassles as we’ll go to your hotel to pick up the cars. You can fully enjoy your day with the car, come back and simply return the car in front of your hotel, then off you go to your dinner right away! You can save your time and enjoy every minute of your vacation!

Japanese Speaking/Japanese Style Hospitality

If you’re reading this in English, you may not need Japanese speaking staff to navigate you through the rental process, however, you may like our Japanese style hospitality that you can enjoy from the very first contact online to returning the car in front of your hotel. “Omotenashi”, which means “to entertain guests wholeheartedly”, is what our staffs value the most. The concept is all about offering the best service without the expectation of a reward and that’s why Japan does not have a culture of tipping. Please enjoy our “Omotenashi” during your vacation in Hawaii.


The car is clean and the car is clean.

In order for everyone to use it comfortably, each car is carefully washed by hand, and the car is cleaned.
In order to enjoy the drive with peace of mind, every cleaning after return, we also check the inside of the engine room, check the tire pressure, and check the safety equipment. In addition, we also carry out regular maintenance at our designated maintenance plant.
We have received many happy voices from customers who used them, saying, "I was surprised when the car was clean!" and "I was able to ride it with peace of mind!"

Car Guide
Full-Coverage Insurance

Most of our cars include full-coverage insurance. (There are few cars without full coverage insurance for those who’d like to use their own car insurance.) Have you experienced a case where you thought you rented a car at a low price but ended up paying much more by including insurance fee?
It’s very important that you have full-coverage insurance when you rent a car in preparation for any emergency. If the rental fee already includes the full-coverage insurance, you can feel safe both economically and psychologically.

For more details about our full-coverage insurance

Smart Phone Rental
(with Google Navigation)

If you’re travelling to Hawaii from abroad, you may find our “Smart Phone Rental” service very useful. Not only can you use Google Navigation to guide your way, unlimited phone calls within the U.S. as well as Internet access are always available. You can make reservations at restaurants, look up for the best places to grab a snack, check reviews on the places you visited, etc. Our customers from abroad find our smart phone service very convenient and satisfied.


Waikiki Cheap Parking

We offer "Waikiki Cheap Parking Lot" for customers who rent a car in our shop.
When it comes to parking at a hotel in Waikiki, it costs $40 to $50 per night and $60 at a high price, but Star Rent a Car parking is very well received by customers because it can be used for less than about half the price.
Get ready for your Hawaii drive with one stop by booking your car and parking in bulk.

About parking lot

Airport to meet,

Private Shuttle

Private shuttle between the airport and the hotel can be arranged by our partner, Hawaii Airport Transport.

Fee (including airport tax and Hawaii tax)

· One to five people (one) one way $70.00/round trip $120.00

· 6-8 people (2 units) one way $140.00/round trip $240.00          

Click here for details
Baby/Child Seats (2 Seats)

We have all kinds – Infant seats for babies less than 1 year old, Child seats for ages 1 – 3 years old, and Booster seats for ages 4 – 7 years old.
Also, STAR Rent A Car values “cleanliness” thus we ensure to thoroughly clean and sanitize the seats every time before renting them out. Any child/baby seats getting a little worn out are renewed periodically. We hear our customers say “Child seats are usually worn out or dirty when I rent from other places but I’m very satisfied with the condition of the child seats at STAR Rent A Car!”.

Laws and penalties for child seats