About insurance and vehicles

About insurance

Our insurance includes all of the following policies

Liability Protection [personal and objective insurance] (equivalent to self-insurance in Japan)

Interpersonal ,000 per person (,000 per accident )


,000 per accident

Supplemental Liability Protection (equivalent to voluntary insurance in Japan)

Interpersonal Objective Total amount of ,00 0,000 per accident

Personal Accident Insurance

Contracer at death 0,000

At the time of death of a fellow passenger


Treatment costs, emergency vehicle costs


Personal Effects Coverage * Only subscribers and their families are eligible.It does not apply to cash credit cards.

Carry stolen and damaged 0 per person (limit of ,000)

About the vehicle

Collison Damage Waiver (vehicle accident compensation scheme) * Not insurance

Compensation amount Full vehicle repair cost


,000 USD

If a rental vehicle is damaged due to an accident, theft, loss, etc., the damage will be the full burden of the customer regardless of the fault of the customer, CDW is a system that exempts this damage burden. In the event of an accident, we will pay ,000 to compensate you for the entire vehicle repair cost and reduce the amount you are responsible for. * If the repair fee for the vehicle is ,000 or less, the fee will be less than the deductible amount, and you will be charged with the actual cost. * The amount of immunity will be incurred regardless of whether the customer is at fault or not. * Damage caused by natural disasters is not subject to this system. * Vehicle theft with car keys still attached to the rental car is not covered by this compensation.


In case of accident

In the event of an accident, do not panic, please perform safety confirmation and act according to the following.

  1. Be sure to call the police and ambulance (both on the phone 911) at the scene of the accident and get proof of the accident (accident report number) at that time.
    * If there is no claim at the scene of the accident, the proof of the accident cannot be obtained.Please note that the insurance and compensation system does not apply in case of no proof of accident.
  2. Please refrain from the license plate of the person in the accident, the driver's name, address, telephone number and license number. (Easy to take picture on the back of the license)
  3. Please contact us and fill out the accident report.

Be sure to wear a seat belt

  • It is required by law to wear seat belts in all seats.
  • The foul money is about 0.
  • Children under the age of 8 or whose height and weight are below the standard value (143 centimeters, 18 kilos) are required to wear a child seat at the rear, which is calculated as one seat per person.
  • Foul money applies from about 0 to 0.

DUI is a crime

  • The punishment applies.
  • Prison sentences ranging from 48 hours to five years.
  • A fine of about 0 to ,000.

Cases outside insurance coverage (e. g.)

  • Car rental driving is prohibited Accident on the road (Please check with the staff before use.)
  • Due to lost keys, stolen rental vehicles, damaged, accident compensation, etc. (including lost keys by parking Valet services in hotels and commercial and tourist facilities)