Optional Services

Private Airport Shuttle

Private Shuttle Service by Go808Express, our partner company, is available between the Airport and Waikiki.  Please enjoy a fast, friendly, and comfortable transportation by Go808Express.

Fare ※ Tax (GET Tax/Airport Fees) included

  • 1~4 Passengers   One Way $4300 / Round Trip $85.00
  • 5 Passengers   One Way $53.00 / Round Trip $105.00
  • 6 Passengers*      One Way $78.00 / Round Trip $155.00 (Basically, 2 shuttles will be provided for 6 Passengers. For 6 passengers with little or no luggage and only 1 shuttle needed, one way $58.00 / round trip $115.00) 

Additional Driver

At STAR Rent A Car, the Car Rental Agreement is created under the main driver’s name and signed by the main driver. 

If there are several drivers in your party, the other drivers can be registered as “Additional Drivers”.  By doing so, all the drivers in your party can be covered by the full coverage car insurance.

  • Additional Driver 1 person/1 day  $15.00

Night Delivery/Pick Up Fee

We are open from 7:00am to 7:00pm.

If you’d like to return after 7:00pm, following fees apply.
Please note that we do not deliver/pick up the car between 9:00pm to 7:00am.

  • 7pm ~ 8pm        $8.00
  • 8pm ~ 9pm       $15.00

Young Driver

For drivers between the age of 21~24, Young Driver Fees are applied due to full coverage insurance.

  • Young Driver     1 Driver/1 Day $15.00

Rent Along with the Car

Pack light! Travel easy!  Why not rent everything in Hawaii and travel without heavy loads of luggage?

If you rent everything you need along with the car, it’s very convenient and saves your time!  STAR Rent A Car is determined to make your vacation as pleasant as ever!  Please enjoy our varieties of special services.

Keiki Equipment (for Babies and Children)

We’re renting out strollers, bed guards, floaters, rash guards, etc. for families travelling with children.  We have carefully selected things that would be very useful to have during your vacation. Please refer to “Traveling with Children” page for more details.

Apart from the rental equipment, we have started to sell diapers loose (selling from 1 piece to as many as you’d like) so please take advantage of this opportunity!


How about renting surf boards along with your rental car?

Enjoy surfing without any hassle of packing or risk of getting your boards damaged during your flight!  There are a lot of places to rent surf boards in Hawaii but renting your car and surf boards at the same time would be most time efficient.  You can head out for your favorite surf points right after you get your car!

We have varieties of surf boards, so please check out our “For Surfers” page for more details.

Parasol & Beach Chair

Why not rent beach chairs and parasols if you’re going to the beaches? 

The sun is so strong in Hawaii, so having a parasol at the beaches would definitely make your stay as comfortable as ever.  Having a beach chair would be even more pleasant!

Also, it’s easy to rent beach chairs and parasols in Waikiki but other popular beaches such as Kailua, Lanikai, North Shores don’t rent out any beach chairs or parasols.

It would indeed make a good sense renting beach chairs and parasols along with your rental car!

  • Parasol            $10.00/1 Day
  • Beach Chair      $8.00/1 Chair/1 Day
  • Parasol & Beach Chair Set (1 Parasol and 2 Beach Chairs) $20.00 / 1 Day