Our rental vehicles include all the following insurances.

Liability Protection  Liability Protection【bodily injury and property damage liability coverage】

Bodily Injury$20,000 per person ($40,000 per accident)
Property Damage$10,000 per accident

Supplemental Liability Protection  【Supplemental bodily injury and property damage liability coverage】

Bodily Injury / Property Damage$1,000,000 per accident

Personal Accident Insurance

Insured Renter$250,000
Insured Passengers$125,000
Accidental Medical Expenses$2,500

Personal Effects Coverage

Loss or damage to your personal belongings$750 per person (maximum $2,000)

※The policy does not cover any loss to cash, credit or debit cards, cashier’s or traveler’s checks


Collison Damage Waiver  *Not an insurance

Waive AmountFull amount of repair/recovery charges
Deductible$1,000 USD

If the rental vehicle is damaged due to an accident, theft, loss, etc., the customer will be responsible for all the damage regardless of the customer’s negligence.However, CDW is a system that waives your responsibility for all the cost of damage to, loss or theft of, the vehicle. If you purchase CDW, you only have to pay deductible of $1,000 and it covers all the cost of repairs and recovery charges. It significantly reduces the amount owed if you do have an accident or there is damage to the vehicle.
※If the repairs/recovery charges is less than the deductible of $1,000, you’ll be responsible for the full amount of repairs/recovery charges. ※The deductible amount will be incurred regardless of the customer’s negligence. ※Damage caused by natural disasters is not covered by this system. ※Loss or theft of the vehicle is not covered if, the rental vehicle was left with a key.


Please note that none of these insurances or compensation systems are applicable if you use a rental car in violation of a rental contract, insurance policy, traffic regulations, etc. In addition, the renter will be responsible for the amount exceeding the insurance amount and the waive amount.
No insurance/compensation system is covered for accidents caused by unregistered driver. The renter will be responsible for all the damage/loss in such caseS. Please make sure to register for the additional drivers in advance.

Please be aware of the followings:

When Accidents Happen

In the event of an accident, please follow the following after making sure your safety first.

  1. Please make sure to call the police and the ambulance (both can be reached at by dialing 911) at the accident site, and receive the “Accident Report Number”.
    ※If you don’t contact from the accident site, you cannot obtain the “Accident Report Number”. Please be aware that insurance/compensation system will NOT be applied if you do not have the “Accident Report Number.”
  2. Please be sure to make a note of the license plate, driver’s name, address, phone number, and license number of the person involved in the accident. (It’ll be easy to take a photo of the front and back of the driver’s license)
  3. Please call STAR Rent A Car and file an “Accident Report”.

Please be sure to fasten your seat belt.

  • All seats are required by law to wear seat belts.
  • The penalty is about $ 100.
  • Children under the age of 8 or under the standard height and weight (143 cm, 18 kg) are required to wear a child seat at the rear seat. Child seats are calculated as one seat per person.
  • Penalties apply from approximately $ 100 to $ 500.

Drunk driving is a crime.

  • Penalties apply.
  • Imprisonment for 48 hours to 5 years.
  • A fine of about $ 150 to $ 5,000.

Cases not covered by insurance (example)

  • Accident on a road where rent-a-car is prohibited (Please check with the staff before driving if you are not sure.)
  • Theft, damage, accident compensation, etc. of rental vehicles due to loss of key (including loss of key by the Valet parking services at hotels, stores, tourist facilities, etc.)