For Families Traveling with Children

If you’re travelling with your children, rental cars are the most convenient means to get around in Hawaii.  Luggage tends to be big when you’re travelling with kids, but if you have a rental car, there’s nothing to worry.  If you load a stroller in your rental car, it’s very easy to move around after you get to your destination. 

We have carefully selected items that would be very useful for your vacation in Hawaii.  Why not try these optional services along with your car rental?  (The following services are only available for people who are renting cars at STAR Rent A Car.)

Stroller Rental

We’re renting out strollers for families with small children.  A lot of parkings and shopping malls are big in Hawaii, therefore, it’s very handy to have strollers in your cars.  The types we rent out are those that could be folded compactly so it could be stored in your car trunk without taking much space.

  • 1 Day      $3.00
  • 1 Week      $15.0

Bed Guard Rental

Do you ever worry if your child falls off from the bed while sleeping at your hotel? Do you move around the beds so that it’s next to the wall, or have 2 beds connected so that it becomes 1 big bed, in aims to provide a safe sleeping place for your kids?  Some hotels have bed guards that you can rent but most don’t hold any, so why not rent bed guards along with your car?  No need to worry if your child falls off from the bed if you have the bed guards!

  • 1 Day      $6.00
  • 1 Week      $25.00

Beach Toys Rental for Children

You can’t miss to go to the beaches if you’re in Hawaii! There are world-famous beaches throughout Oahu, including Waikiki Beach, Kailua, Lanikai, Haleiwa, Waimea, Sunset, Ko Olina, Sandbar, and more. Children can enjoy waterplay and it is no doubt that whole family can have an incredible time at these beaches! 

To make your beach stay even more amusing, we have the following items available for you to rent along with your car.


In order for your child to play safely at the beaches, it is the best if you have a floater that is worn and in close contact with child’s body.  There are types that children put their arms in and fasten at the back, or those that are worn like a life jacket, but most of them tend to be bulky and cannot be stored compactly.  Such things are definitely those that you should rent!  Tubes can be smuggled in your luggage as long as you take out the air, but we do rent out tubes too for those who’d like to use them.

  • 1 Day      $3.00
  • 1 Week     $15.00

Rash Guards

Some of you may pack rash guards in your luggage, but we believe a lot of people choose to get rash guards in Hawaii.  That’s not a bad idea, but it could take long time to actually buy them in Hawaii, delaying your time to spend an enjoyable time at the beaches.  Therefore, we are providing rash guards rental for your children.  

  • 1 Day      $3.00
  • 1 Week     $15.00

Beach Toys

You can always buy beach toys in Hawaii, but they could be bulky to take them home, ending up throwing them at the end of your vacation.  If you can rent all these toys, you don’t need to waste, no need to take your time to go buy them, and have your kids enjoy the beach with the toys!

  • 1 Day      $2.00
  • 1 Week   $10.00

Selling Diapers Loose

Your luggage tends to get large if you’re traveling with your children and one of the culprits of the large luggage could be the diapers.

You can buy diapers in Hawaii, but it may take time to go for shopping and find the right diapers for your little ones.  Also, diapers are usually sold in a big box and you won’t be able to buy just the right amount for your vacation.  There are small packages too, but that may not be the right choice from cost perspective. 

STAR Rent A Car now offers diapers loose to solve all of these problems!

You can buy diapers from 1 piece to as many as you’ d like. For those of you who can’t figure out how many you’ll need, you can order little bit more than what you think will use, and pay for those you used and return the unused diapers at the end.

We buy diapers in a big box, therefore the price of 1 piece is much cheaper than what you can find at A〇〇 Stores.  We have all sizes so please make use of this service and travel light! (We also have diapers for swimming!)

※We have 2 prices, one for major manufacturer brands such as Pampers, Huggies, LUVS, and one for store brands such as Walmart and Target.

Diapers by store brands don’t leak and can be used without any issues.  However, they can be little stiffer compared to major manufacturer brands.  If your child has sensitive skin, we recommend you to choose major manufacturer brands.  Also, please note that brands within these 2 types (major manufacturer brads / store brands) may vary upon availabt be able to specify which brands to use.  


Tape Type

SizePrice/1 pieceFor Weight(lb)For Weight(kg)
5$0.45More than 27lbMore than12kg
6$0.50More than 35lbMore than16kg

Pants Type

SizePrice/1 pieceFor Weight(lb)For Weight(kg)
2T 3T$0.4016-347.3-15.4
3T 4T$0.4532-4014.5-18.2
4T 5T$0.5038-5017.3-22.7

Diapers for Swimming

SizePrice/1 pieceFor Weight(lb)For Weight(kg)

Target Walmart Brand

Tape Type

SizePrice/1 pieceFor Weight(lb)For Weight(kg)
5$0.24More than 27lbMore than12kg
6$0.27More than 35lbMore than16kg

Pants Type

SizePrice/1 pieceFor Weight(lb)For Weight(kg)
2T 3T$0.3016-267.3-15.4
3T 4T$0.3232-4014.5-18.2
4T 5T$0.3538-5017.3-22.7